Bismuth is a new blockchain protocol and a platform at the same time. It has an innovative approach to database scaling, introduces the concept of private contracts and limits contract execution to users willing to participate, while keeping them publicly verifiable through alternative mechanisms proposed by Nick Szabo. With Bismuth, you can choose from plethora of fully open sourced projects, use plugins to limitlessly extend scaling capacities and options through selective node behavior and custom layers. Sky is the limit.


Hyperblock technology allows transactions to be compressed regularly, reducing the size of the blockchain to the amount of accounts present in it. Currently it saves 96% of RAM usage and enables users to save as much drive space when their client is configured only for hyperblocks.

Data & Operations

OpenField allows users to save their data into the blockchain, including private and public messages, communication with decentralized application interpreters, document fingerprinting for legal purposes, complex operations for shared-state contract execution.


Professor Geir Hovland, PhD. from University of Agder co-authored the innovative nonlinear feedback control mechanism used for difficulty retargeting in Bismuth. For the first time in history, blockchain meets top-level technology from robotics.


Bismuth supports multiple cryptographic schemes, signing and address formats to protect users from quantum attacks. The mix includes RSA, SHA224, ECDSA (SECP256k1)


The HyperNode design for Bismuth includes a secondary proof of stake blockchain to collect metrics independently and without interference in order to reward users who provide reliable nodes.


We fully support Tor's onion network integration for completely concealed transaction routing. Stealth tokens are planned for the near future with completely fresh approach to encryption, opening new possibilities.


To keep transaction fees low, Bismuth introduces a programmable mempool solution, which allows to prioritize transactions based on their partially configurable properties. This prevents transaction delays.


The concept of operations abstracted from normal blocks, but stored outside of them, enables unlimited content including on-chain forking without disturbing the underlaying system.


An interface for optional node extensions enables Bismuth integration with anything imaginable, while kept independent of the blockchain performance limitations and while having access to its advantages. Offchain storage, messaging, new platforms.

Bismuth Foundation

The team consists of people who actively work on Bismuth. Members are evaluated yearly, based on contributions.
Jan Kučera

Jan Kučera

Development Lead

Started building Bismuth from scratch in 2015 to bring innovation, simplicity and efficiency into the crypto space.

Nicknames: HCLivess



Core and Tools Development

Code refactoring, modularization, HyperNodes, heavy3 mining algo, tutorials, onboarding, contracting, the famous EggPool and more.

Nicknames: EggdraSyl

Geir Hovland

Geir Hovland

Research and development

Professor Hovland from the University of Agder has been deeply involved with core and front-end development. He represents Bismuth in academic research, publications and online media. He has a master's degree in engineering and PhD in robotics.



Testing, Development

Specializing in Linux systems testing and wallet improvements, while keeping a high community engagement profile.

Bryan McEachran

Bryan McEachran

Test Engineering

Relentlessly troubleshooting latest code commits on multiple platforms to protect users from bugs.

Nicknames: Alatay

George Bogdan

George Bogdan

Marketing, Design

Always looking for ways to help Bismuth. Organizer of promotions and giveaways, working on graphic design.

Nicknames: gawlea



Service Operations

Early community member, blockchain analyst, advisor and operator of the official explorer.

Jim Hsu

Jim Hsu


Molecular biology expert, winner of several awards, proficient in ten programming languages and the ultimate master of data analysis and cryptography.



Content Management

Author of the YouTube channel bitsignal with plethora of tutorials and demonstration videos for Bismuth ecosystem. Writer for Steemit and a valued contributor.

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