The launch of the Bismuth network is planned for April/May 2017. Optimisations are focused around finishing up node stability for both port-forwarded nodes and otherwise, and around finding security threads in mining. The alias system is also planned as a part of the default graphical user interface. After launch, there may be several patches, hard forks for both troubleshooting and improvements. However, the network stability will become the top priority. If you are an investor without interests in mining, it is planned for several projects to be released on the Bismuth network, for example there could be an opportunity to invest in the Zircodice bankroll. If Bismuth, as a completely new blockchain technology, proves to be stable and stands the test of time, an independent, completely ICO-based project named Clarity might be launched. Thank you for joining us on this long journey and may we experience prosperous years ahead.

Bismuth Founder