If you have problems running a recent version of Bismuth, please go through the following.

  • If the node crashes right after start, make sure there is no node running in the background as a process
  • If you do not get any connections, make sure your config.txt file has a proper protocol version (which corresponds to the latest code). If you are not sure, use the default config.txt for testing.
  • Make sure that your clock is synchronized under all circumstances (for example with ), emergency difficulty switch uses a timer
  • If a hardfork happened recently, make sure your ledger is not desynchronized i.e. by running a different difficulty algorithm past the last announced hardfork block. If you are not sure, you can download the ledger from the repository.
  • If you are desynchronized, it can happen that the other nodes ban you for block spamming or submitting blocks from a different, forked chain. In that case, you need to ask someone to restart their node. They must have forwarded ports.
  • Installer is currently unsupported for Windows 7. If you want to run it Bismuth, you need to run it in Python directly.
  • For better overview of what is happening, you may chose to switch debug_level=WARNING to debug_level=INFO and debug=0 to debug=1 in config.txt
  • If too many peers are getting removed from peers.txt, you may chose to switch purge=1 to purge=0 in config.txt